Character Topics: Getting Started, Character Attributes, Races, Skills, Perks

The player has a choice of four races:


Andrunianfemalebust Andrunmalebust This race has not yet been implemented as a playable race.

For details see Andrunian

Andrunians typically stand between 130cm and 160cm tall, with long limbs, wiry, muscular bodies and thin faces with sunken cheeks, deep-set eyes and small noses. They are highly agile and have a hardy constitution, but are somewhat lacking in sheer physical strength. Females are generally the same height as their male counterparts, and have considerably more hair growth than the typically bald male.

Andrunians are dour and proper, with a strong sense of unity among their own race. They are kind and generous, but extremely concerned with proper social behaviour and wrap every action in layers of ritual and tradition. They have a well developed burueacracy that favors merit, and has led to the creation of a governmental body of researchers and scholars that make Andrun paramount in terms of understanding and utilizing the material world. On the other hand, they are generally inflexible in terms of expanding into new areas, and prefer to perfect crafts they have already mastered. They also reproduce relatively slowly and are physically weak, making their army limited in size and power, and quelling any ambitions of a larger empire.

Starting Area: [[]] / [[]]


Cevantifemalebust Cevantimalebust

For details see Cevanti

Cevanti are generally lean and stand around 150-175cm tall, and as such are ill suited to physical labor. They are human with a tan skin tone and dark hair, resembling mediterranean people. Females and males tend to be equally tall, and being human, only the males grow facial hair.

Cevanti society is highly culturally refined and very hedonistic. There is a sharp divide between its classes, with the wealthy merchant class expending more energy in the pursuit of entertainment than anything else, while the middle classes maintain the Republic's bewildering bureaucracy, and most of its labor being done by slaves. Cevanti is formally a Republic, but in practice the state is governed by an oligarchy of powerful merchant and sorcerer families, and the elections for office are usually corrupt and never fair. Art is very prominent in Cervanti society, especially in written form, largely thanks to its long traditions in the arcane arts.

Starting Area: Southern-most large island on Vynn, currently called 'Starter Island', or Southern Vynn.


Santyrianfemalebust Santyrianmalebust This race has not yet been implemented as a playable race.

For details see Santyrian

Santyrians are humanoid reptiles, standing between 175 and 190cm tall. The females are considerably shorter than the males, often by up to 25-30cm. They have powerfully built legs, but lack strong arms or backs. Both fingers and toes have sharp claws that greatly aid in climbing. Their long tails afford them excellent balance, and they are excellent swimmers, having adapted to a life largely spent fishing by hand.

Before the Cevanti Republic conquered their homeland, the tropical island of Santyr, Santyrians mostly lived in small villages built from bamboo, eating fish and hunting for game with javelins. The Cevanti changed all that, enslaving the Santyrians and forcing them to work as pearl divers, farmers and miners, even instituting forced breeding among the lizardfolk in order to sate their ever increasing need for workers. Though the Republic retains an iron grip over Santyr, a new Santyrian culture has sprung up in a rather unlikely place - Silkport. Founded by freed slaves and emigrating Santyrians, the Santyrian Enclave in Silkport has taken on the status of a nation in exile - angling for more influence within the city-state itself while simultaneously striving to free Santyr from the clutches of the Cevanti and return Santyrian rule to their homeland.

Starting Area: [[]] / [[]]


Vynnfemalebust Vynnmalebust

For details see Vynn

The Vynn are tall and strong, with low brows and large physiques, standing 175-190cm on average. They are human with light skin and hair, with only the males growing facial hair and the females generally being 10-15cm shorter than the males.

Vynn is a fledgling monarchy, having recently emerged under the dominance of one single clan with strong ties to Andrun. The central governement is still weak, and individual clan lords retain much of their power and independence. A new monotheistic church known as the Way has also been established in Vynn and is competing with the old faiths for worshippers. Though rife with internal problems and competition, the clans of Vynnlant are still capable of putting their differences aside and coming together if the interests of Vynnlant as a whole are at stake.

Starting Area: Southern-most large island on Vynn, currently called 'Starter Island', or Southern Vynn.