Character Topics: Getting Started, Character Attributes, Races, Skills, Perks

To begin your adventures in Dawntide you must first create a character.


The first selection for a new character is race. You can select Andrunian, Cevanti, Santyrian, and Vynn.

Note: As of July 15, 2011 the only playable races are the Vynn and Cevanti.


Upon selecting a race you must then distribute 10 attribute points among your Main Attributes. you can put a maximum of 5 points in any 1 stat.

Each race starts with a set of base attributes, that differ per race.


After distributing your attribute points you must then select 1 Skill from the Basic list of skills and 10 others from either the Profession, Combat, or Sorcery skillsets.

Starting EquipmentEdit

Upon entering the game world, your starting equipment will determined by your skill choices.

Making Money - HuntersEdit

Although the Dawntide Economy is based on compromises and bartering, NPC's aren't very picky. The standard currency of Dawntide is based on the gold crown. Gold Crowns are the best way to pay an NPC, and in situations where bartering would result in "Too little or Too much, but just not right" they fit in perfectly. The way you hunt is strongly dependent on what gear you have, and what your class is. This section will cover engaging an animal, and making profit. First step : Proper Equipment. You need a weapon of your choice, although really, for what comes next your fists work well. 2. Animals don't just carry money around, you sell their meat for coins. In order to get their meat, you need to skin them with a skinning knife. Go to the market, and have a look around. In Tanner's Tent there will be a skinning knife, buy it. Cross the bridge and look for a rabbit. When you find one kill it, and press skin. There you will get a possibility of Guts, Meat, or Fur. Don't take the guts, but take the fur and meat. The fur can't be sold, but the meat fetches a good price. To sell it, there is a tent with no table where a lone man stands. Interact with him, and at the bottom you will see tab called sell. The rest is self-explanatory. Repeat for maximum effect, and be sure to buy a better weapon, or purchase scrolls.