There are resource skills, crafting skills, and misc skills listed under Professions.

The following skills are currently in Beta (as of Aug. 8, 2009)

Page Change log (provided up here so people can see changes at a glance):

8/6/2009 Updated Cooking, wheat can now be harvested, flour made, and peasant bread made.

8/8/2009 Updated Tailoring, we can now make cloth. Updated both Brewing and Fletching to indicate they have bugs.

8/9/2009 Edited for overall formatting unification.

8/17/2009 Updated Fletching you can now make arrows.

8/22/2009 Updated to include all Professions listed in the New Character Info thread (posted by Zodium today) and alphabetized it all.

8/13/2010 Updated a few professions.

Resource SkillsEdit

Resource Skills level as you use them and require no recipes. Tools are required to be in your bags. Target the item you would like to harvest and then right click on it to start harvesting. Skinning will open up the loot window with an option to skin on it. Be aware that targeting certain items in third person can be tricky, try first person if you are having trouble.


  • No Tool


  • Hatchet


  • Pick Axe


  • Skinning Knife

Crafting SkillsEdit

Crafting Skills level as you make stuff and require recipes. You must have any required tool equipped in the slot next to your coin purse and have the appropriate Machine targetted. To craft open your recipe book (press the letter O) and select the recipe desired. It will list tool and machine requirements. Click on Craft to make the item. Be aware that Craft All and crafting in quantities is not implemented yet. Also note that some recipes require a tool, some a machine, some both, and some neither.


  • Mortar and Pestle
  • No Machine

Herbalists can pick many flowers and berries that are used by Alchemists, the Alchemist vendor is inside a building and sells the potion bottles you need.



Blacksmithing has been split up into two different skills, weapon- and armorsmithing. Both professions use metal.


  • Can be chosen at character creation but currently recipes are not available. Brewing is a Basic skill.


  • Carpentry Hammer or Hatchet

The lumber recipe requires that the hatchet be equipped but gives Carpentry experience.


  • No Tool
  • No Machine or Campfire

Wheat fields are out by the farms to the west of town, wheat is crafted into flour then peasant bread. There is a cooked ribs recipe which takes various meat and a kiln to make. Water is gotten by targetting a well (one in town, and one near each farm) and right clicking on it to collect a flask of water. Cooking is a Basic skill.

Enchanting Edit

Enchanting uses the mineral Verium, mined from a number of caves, which has a purity/quality ranging from 1%(0.01) - 100%.

Current (as of 2010-08-13) qualitys of Verium available are Tainted Verium which has a purity of 25%.


  • Carving Knife

Arrow shafts can now be crafted. You will need to get Arrow Heads from a blacksmith and collect feathers to make arrows. There are also bow recipes. Feathers may also be turned into quill pens

Jewelcrafting Edit

Uses gems and metals mined by Miners to craft accessories which heighten your focus (reducing your mana costs for each spell) and your appearence.

Masonry Edit

  • Chisel

You can turn stone into bricks with a recipe - bricks can then be used for construction

Pottery Edit

Not in game yet

Tailoring Edit

  • Sewing Kit
  • Spindle

Spindle is located near the well in town, flax stems are gathered by herbalists on the farms to the west of town to make linen. Wools are skinned from sheeps (not ingame as of 2010-08-13) and silk is skinnable from spiders, located in caves around the world.


Misc SkillEdit

Animal Training Edit

Not in game yet

Cartography Edit

Not in game yet

Horsemanship Edit

Not in game yet

Navigation Edit

Not in game yet


Currently you can skill up by Charming the NPCs around town. Not sure how often or what the effect is, but was able to successfully charm most of the townspeople. Per Wiz you should be able to charm NPCs once every 24 hours. The affects are not cumulative, you latest success or fail at charming is what counts. Currently you can only charm each NPC once, but that is bugged.

Stealth Edit

Not in game yet

Thieving Edit

Not in game yet

Tracking Edit

Not in game yet