Blacksmithing is the skill required to turn mined metal into ingots and then into metal items.

Smelting is not a skill on its own and is incorporated into blacksmithing, but given the new system and what was communicated by Wiz, I felt it deserves its own mention. So basically for those new to the fantasy setting, smelting is the process of turning raw ore into usable ingots. This is accomplished by having a forge targeted and having a hammer and tongs equipped in your tool slot. Then just open your recipe book and find the particular ingot type you wish to make. Later on, Wiz has stated that he wants to make an alloy system where we can mix the different metals for different properties in the final product, which if I am not mistaken, has not been attempted in any MMO thus far. Also should be noted as this came into effect recently, Copper ingots have a QL of .50 which if you make an item with it translates into an item with .50 QL.

  • Copper - .50 QL
  • Bronze - .75 QL
  • Iron - 1.00 QL